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Nonwoven production
China thermal bonding machine, nonwoven thermal bonding manufacturer
Function: This machine is used to thermal bond web or semi-finished nonwovens contained low melt fiber by hot air penetration to achieve certain thickness and hardness. It also can thermal bond web directly.
Description: The machine can be divided into two Category: thermal stabilization and natural luster finishing. The machine can be divided into two Category: thermo-bonding and natural luster finishing machine。To use two/three roller vertical structure.
Width: 2500mm~7800mm,customized
Heating Manner: electric heating, steam heating and so on, it can be customized
Roller diameter: Ø400mm, Ø450mm, Ø570mm, Ø800mm
Roll Surface Treatment: Light roller (with hard chromium plated or tetrafluoroethy plated), Textured roller (Electronic engraving according to the production)
Roll material: 45# seamless tubes, Stainless steel dryer, ally steel wrought
Installed power: 50kw~250kwNonwoven production

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