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99 Range/ 99 Magic - RS3 Account
I'm selling this RS3 Account, It hasn't been played on since the release of EOC - It's been logged in on every now & then and that is all.

I'm the original owner of this account & 99 Magic/ Range was botted back in the day. The account has x2 Botting blackmarks but they expired in 2013 & is now completely safe to play.

I'm unsure on the prices of RS3 accounts now a days so I'm taking any offers on this, I'll accept OSRS Gp or Paypal. 

[Image: 177bki.png]

[Image: 10r0bqv.png]

[Image: 15d835y.png]

I have a full account file for this account, from the creation date to the old recovery questions, You will be provided with all the information.

Thanks for looking, Ask away if you have any questions!


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