by Jakram at 04-09-2019, 11:57 PM
Thinking about making a progress thread for my new skiller. Start off to the section. 

Updates wouldn't be daily unless i can be bothered.

by bigbuck at 03-24-2019, 02:07 AM
Selling a old school runescape account level 92 with 1007 total level  
70/70/70 94 range 61 prayer 85 mage  57 quest points
It is Zulrah ready and Nmz Ready . No Marks on the Account
There is a email registered but i will confirm new email registration .
Taking Offers for USD Paypal or For certain graphics web designing. 
Comment your offers and If you want any more information on certain stats Message me
by Kyle at 03-16-2019, 12:56 PM
I'm selling this RS3 Account, It hasn't been played on since the release of EOC - It's been logged in on every now & then and that is all.

I'm the original owner of this account & 99 Magic/ Range was botted back in the day. The account has x2 Botting blackmarks but they expired in 2013 & is now completely safe to play.

I'm unsure on the prices of RS3 accounts now a days so I'm taking any offers on this, I'll accept OSRS Gp or Paypal. 

[Image: 177bki.png]

[Image: 10r0bqv.png]

[Image: 15d835y.png]

I have a full account file for this account, from the creation date to the old recovery questions, You will be provided with all the information.

Thanks for looking, Ask away if you have any questions!

by Yellow Hat at 03-16-2019, 06:21 AM
Herrroooo allll,

Simple rules:

Don't post links to fake sites yada yada

Will verify all users who are well known on other sites to make sure its really them.

Keep the threads simple.

by Yellow Hat at 03-16-2019, 06:11 AM

Before you post the actual download link please confirm with myself or another admin that its okay.

At the moment I'll only be accepting it from admins from the sites that work with the clients themselves.

Feel free.

by Gandalf at 03-16-2019, 06:05 AM
A growing Discord Server for buying and selling gold, services and accounts. The main game is runescape but it also have WoW, Lol, Apex, CS GO, maplestory, etc!
by Yellow Hat at 03-16-2019, 05:56 AM
Hello All,

No posting scammy links etc, yada yada use your noodle.

Also when entering someones channel know that there are scammers going to be everywhere and to still be vigilant not to get hustled.

by Yellow Hat at 03-16-2019, 05:51 AM

[b]Are you an Ironman[Image: Hkv3Knk.jpg] and want gold or unique items from bosses?[/b] [b]We offer ANYTHING and EVERYTHING IRON.[/b]
[b]GOLD? [Image: uOPTiZj.jpg] any level  any amount of gold we can help![/b]
[b]Vorkath [/b]
[b][Image: Gjgu91h.png][/b]
[b]Zulrah[Image: SpZbt4l.png] [Image: SIcdG93.jpg] [Image: ZNw1u0e.png] [Image: 0URO9mx.png?1][/b]
[Image: 7Ryr4zr.png]
[Image: 9QtQKHD.png]
[Image: Rk8dI3g.png]
[b]As well all supply drops for the future grinds![/b]
[b]Dragon Warhammer [Image: kJfItkS.png][/b]
[b][Image: 7Jm8up5.png][/b]
[b]GWD [Image: QyTwjjd.jpg][Image: RY9p365.jpg][Image: G2Pt57a.jpg][Image: dyuLbtW.jpg][Image: SapCouc.png][Image: sRzWhsh.jpg][Image: 6wAUJwX.png][Image: x5Vym0W.png][/b]
[b][Image: Rhmt6Qm.png][/b]
[b][Image: T3xxSuh.png][/b]
[b]Slayer monster items [Image: XEtjzyi.png][Image: sN4yAFL.png][/b]
Minigames [Image: 1f642.png]
[b][Image: cyOUVsO.png][/b]

Yellow Hat
by Yellow Hat at 03-16-2019, 05:50 AM
Hi all,

Enjoy the new site! 

Who we service: Anyone, we work well with the casual player who works IRL and wants to play during their time off of work [Image: 1f642.png] Come get ahead you work hard enough for it IRL! 
Why we do it :
After working corporate positions , running restaurants/ bars, retail, event coordination , import export, and last career path was international trading the owner decided to move countries to focus on his passion" online farming" and video games.
How did we start :
The owner has been involved in Runescape since early 2004 having played classic accounts and falling in love with the game has become a passion of his since. 
He started selling gold on the release of "OSRS" coming and going from the community over the past few years while building a large respect within the gold merchant community.
[Image: GinM3JN.jpg]
What sets us apart :
Workers with 13.5+ years of Runescape experience ,ENGLISH BASED speakers and overall ability to produce results at a portion of our competitors cost / time.
Why you would choose us :
We offer legitimate hand training, questing,boss killcounts, or any other OSRS content you are requiring to experience the game as you desire. Relax while we do the grinding for you! [Image: boiTnZC.jpg]
What sets us apart :
Workers with 13.5+ years of Runescape experience, lightning methods ,ENGLISH speaking workers and overall ability to produce results at a portion of our competitors cost.
Spanish available as well mandarin! 
Services that are offered :
We OFFER ANYTHING OSRS! Feel free to request a personal / unique service! You can count on us to make any account / complete any service you desire.
Here are a few things you'll be needing / wanting for your Runescape adventure! [Image: 1f642.png] If we missed something you want please let us know!
Questcape [Image: NdFTEUo.png] Mith / Barrows gloves [Image: vNLlQnu.png] [Image: qVBWjqG.png]   Fire Cape[Image: QdGOYMd.png]INFERNO  CAPE[Image: N5O558A.jpg] Defenders[Image: XGdO1x6.png] [Image: VEdKOzh.png]
Void sets+ELITE [Image: HZEIZ6A.jpg] [Image: QugZaDQ.png] MA2 capes [Image: HnXhe5u.jpg] NMZ IMBUES[Image: 7m5TtmQ.jpg]
Graceful set + color upgrades[Image: xZz06xa.png]  Mining outfit[Image: b4Kw7co.png]Angleroutfit [Image: aZIA0Jy.png]LJ outfit[Image: Yi2lKLo.png]
Power leveling [Image: t6SGu2E.jpg] any skill, any level, any method YOU WANT.
What we offer:
The most elite form of service you can imagine, any content you want or can think of is possible.


To busy IRL to learn the inferno ? Got that gf that wouldn't understand why you are spending 10 hours a day after work learning the blobs? Or just cant be F*cked to deal with Jagex and their constant bs content that requires you to become a woox?

Well now you can put your middle finger up to Jagex by turning your IRL grind into a happy partner IRL and a beautiful cape that will save you 100's of hours in the long run which means $ saved.
[Image: N5O558A.jpg]
The only requirements for an attempt on a cape are as:
94+ mage
90+ range
43+ prayer
ACB+ supplies / gear for the service
[Image: EUgk1Ve.jpg]
[Image: HoF29Fr.jpg]
Pm or post to book your cape [Image: 1f642.png]
by Christopher at 03-16-2019, 05:38 AM
Would like to know if you guys would be down to do this Smile we could set a base requirement etc.
100M Cash
2+ Alts to Double buy limit
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