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Rules of the Site- Will be updating constantly
Hello All,

Please not this is all subject to change over the course of time and to use your own logic to avoid issues on site.

Global Site Rules:

#1 No scamming
#2 No posting unverified links, please contact me or an admin who is listed to verify.
#3 No spamming , including bumps, 1 every 60 minutes is the standard, and chatbox please be mature.
#4 No lying, Lets be clean humans and do some good business, consistent business is how you make the $
#5 Do w.e you want as long as you treat this site like its your own and those who are participating here as reasonable competitors / family members.
#6 This is an open market, you have every right to undercut , sell for less, out work your competitors as long as you are doing it in a professional non abusive or hateful manner.
#7 If you have an issue with a member try to avoid roasting them to  hard openly take it to PM idgaf how you handle your business but keep it clean in the sight of the community.
#8 You may need to contact us regarding a user if you feel they are abusing the forum rules, please reach out we are here to maintain order.

If you for any reason decide to scam, cause financial harm or attempt to abuse another member to an extent deemed worthy of punishment it will not be as simple as a ban you will be dealt with in the most brutal manner possible which will include:

#1 Will be posted across the internet to all the main P servers, botting sites, rwting sites VIA a webcrawler.
#2 If it is considered a scam I will personally make it a goal to give you a reason to A.Never scam someone again B.Fix the damage you have done.
#3 You don't want to know this one.

Yellow Hat

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Rules of the Site- Will be updating constantly00